Get to know your customers better with the user journey and download the template - Customer journey

The Inquisitive Mind
The Inquisitive Mind

Those of us who are immersed in the business world know that it is not an easy task. But if we want to do things right, it is important do an empathy exercise and put yourself in the shoes of the user or consumer.

This exercise will help us improve and take into account aspects that at first glance could have passed us. Do you know the steps to follow? Here we explain what you must take into account to obtain a good analysis.

What stages do we take into account in the user journey or customer journey?

All of them, from knowing that we exist, to loyalty expressed in repurchase, recommendation, evangelization of the brand ...

We will divide them into the different phases that a potential client goes through:

  1. Discovery - here we are going to analyze how you found the product or service and what your experience was after the first contact.
  2. Consideration - We describe how you evaluate the product or service
  3. Interaction / Action - What objective does the consumer have and what does he need.
  4. Conversion - What should we do to make it repeat or stay.
  5. Loyalty- What to do so that the consumer keeps choosing your product and not the competition but also speaks well of the brand.
  6. Promoter- How we achieve that a loyal customer is also the voice that transmits from person to person their love for your product and invites them to consider it.

In addition, we must take into account phases that can occur only in our case. Here we have put it in generic mode so that you can use it regardless of the sector you are dedicated to, but each business is different. We have to draw a journey of the user as faithful as possible.

For example, if a user must go through an admission process to become a customer, we should consider it as one of the documented phases of that specific user's journey.

Study the contact points of each phase of the user journey or customer journey

Make a list of all the ways a person can have contact with your brand. And take into account all the points of contact, whatever they are:

  • Active touch points: Company resources in contact with the user (ex: company uniform, office, point of sale, etc.).
  • Paid contact points: both offline and online advertising (SEM, on social networks ...).
  • Organic contact points: obtained through third parties, at no cost to the company (eg: viralization of content, press releases, comments in RR.SS., etc.)

Measure user experience throughout the purchase process

This is where we have to make more efforts to put ourselves in the shoes of our user. We have to think, for each of the phases, what the user experiences. How does it feel Is it a frustrating process? It is exciting? Thinking of abandoning the buying process because it is so complex? Or are you enjoying it?

This step will help us prioritize the phases in which we have to work more. Analyze how you feel, what emotions you are experiencing, what you think, where are the pain points.

What should we work on in each of the phases to improve the experience?

In addition to "putting ourselves in the shoes" of users, we love to add a plus to this tool, in each of the phases, after analyzing what it consists of, what the user feels, and how they have contact with us, we It is super useful to add something else.

This is one list of possible actions that we can take to improve the experience of the phase, they can be both things that we are not doing but that can improve the experience, and things that we are carrying out and we need to improve or eliminate (Innovation in value).

After all, this is what this tool is really useful for: to know how to improve the purchase process by optimizing the user experience.

Create your own user journey or customer journey

In addition to all these elements, You can add others that could be useful to study in each of the phases, according to your activity. But here for the moment we have put the most basic model, so that you can apply it from now on and whenever you ask yourself How to create a customer journey map?

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