Teleactivity Is it here to stay? Its usefulness and future in the new normal

The Inquisitive Mind
The Inquisitive Mind

Before COVID-19, the 10% of companies in Mexico implemented the home office, the pandemic led to teleactivity in areas such as education and health. CETYS experts analyze the future, advantages and disadvantages of this modality.

Mexicali, BC- In addition to its effects in the health field, the new coronavirus has revolutionized the way of carrying out daily activities, mainly in the work, academic and business spheres. Before the pandemic, only the 10% of the companies with a presence in Mexico implemented telecommuting or home office at least one day of the working week.

After the spread of COVID-19, the statistics have practically been reversed, as most work centers of all kinds are implementing remote work strategies to safeguard the health of their employees. 

Some of them have been favored, for example those dedicated to consulting and business management, said Dr. Faviola Villegas Romero, Professor at the School of Business and Administration of CETYS University Campus Mexicali.

“With the online modality, travel expenses and per diem have been reduced and for this reason, some consultants that previously seemed not available to companies due to their onerous services, are now available, in essence, with the same benefits of face-to-face consulting: they diagnose problems, point out solutions and guide their implementation ”.

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