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The COEUS idea incubation process is the ideal means to transform your thoughts into fully formed digital products with high probabilities of success, this is achieved with the help of experts who catalyze with their experience, knowledge and your ideas, turning them into deliverables that allow you to develop efficiently web platforms, mobile applications or even comprehensive systems to serve complex ecosystems, we are not a traditional incubator, we have specialized in supporting the maturing of ideas that aims to serve its users through digital channels.

  • The incubation process may vary, depending on your idea or project and whatever its progress and maturity, the earliest stage where we can accompany you is at the origin itself, it is an initial thought, a base project idea, with that is enough, from there we will start to carry out all the development of it until formalizing a project or many!
  • The business idea and its environment are analyzed. It is precisely at this moment that the idea begins to be evaluated, it is checked whether it is viable or not, if it is possible and if it is attractive. The best way to put it into operation is determined.
  • In the pre-incubation the minimum viable product plan is created, and if one already exists, it is optimized to the maximum. In addition, it will be determined what is the best type of approach for the project and how to execute the action plan.

The best thing is that it is in an initial stage of the project, an idea that can become great, but you can also carry out the incubation once the digital product is advanced and even rethink its stages and processes.

It will depend on the type of incubation and the needs of the project.

COEUS accompanies you from the origin of your idea until it becomes a real project that you can build with a software development company, but it does not stop there, we can provide advice and support so that the improvements of your digital product, once it is operating, are based on a formal investigation process

If your project does not have the success you expected COEUS accompanies you in the iterative process of improvement of the digital product, however when we develop products based on quantitative and qualitative research data, the probability of success of a digital product venture increases by 80% in comparison with digital products that do not have research and monitoring of an incubation.

Yes, as long as the scope of the project is defined from the beginning, without oversaturating the capacity of our design and development team.

The basic incubation process has a 3-month execution time and is designed for ideas with a local scope and low complexity, however epic-scope projects, such as a digital product for the eSports ecosystem, take between 6 to 9 months to be fully incubated since the result is multiple programs and projects.

Yes, for the incubation of a digital product to be successful, it is necessary to invest, not only money, but also time for a digital product project around a concept that is built by you with the help of our team of experts, then start with The entire incubation process, attending workshops and making decisions may require you to allocate between 4 to 16 hours per week according to the scope of your digital product.

Payment of the 50% is made at the beginning of the incubation and payment of two partialities of the 25%, one when the middle of the incubation process is reached and the remaining 25% at the end of the program

Yes, the call to find the 10 most disruptive entrepreneurs of the moment is currently in the process of being published, who will be able to access scholarships of up to 63% of the cost of the program.

We treat your idea as an industrial secret from the beginning, even when you are not our client, everything you let us know in order to propose the most appropriate service, to the characteristics of value innovation that originate as deliverables of the product incubation service. digital, they will always be protected.

The work files are stored and encrypted in our own file storage system on the servers of our technological partner. Learn about the technical part of this section at en

Remember that COEUS is not a traditional incubator, nor a technology-based and / or high-impact incubator, we are specialists in digital products, any idea that must be executed as a digital product is likely to be incubated in COEUS.

Yes, a complete analysis of your system, site or application is made and we make a redesign proposal.

Of course, we have a maintenance policy service that you can hire and make the changes you want in the time you require, according to your contracted hours.

The projects are created based on a modular structure that allows adding more sections for later, with the corresponding adjustments we can modify your application as you like.

Of course, we have a design team that will work hand in hand with you and will offer proposals focused on what you need and request.

Yes, of course, contact us and tell us about your idea.

To carry out any update of your application it will be necessary to share your source code with us. We'll do the rest.

Scrum is a process in which a set of good practices is applied on a regular basis to work collaboratively, as a team, and obtain the best possible result from a project. These practices support each other and their selection originates from a study of how highly productive teams work.

Yes, as long as the scope of the project is defined from the beginning, without oversaturating the capacity of our design and development team.

We help you create or grow your databases of clients and / or prospects, with complementary Digital Marketing strategies. Contact us to receive specialized advice.

Hosting is the space in the cloud where we will store your page and all your information. The domain is the name to access your page (eg: and with which you can open corporate emails (eg: [email protected]).

It is an information management system that integrates and automates many of the business practices associated with the operational or productive aspects of a company. The fundamental purpose is to provide support to business customers, quick response times to their problems, as well as efficient information management that allows timely decision-making and cost reduction.

It is a software for the administration of the relationship with the clients. Supports the management of customer relationships, sales and marketing. With this meaning CRM refers to the Data warehouse (Data Warehouse) with the information of the sales management, and of the company's clients.

Of course! We want to be your allies in everything, tell us what you need and we will quote you

Yes, each of the courses are made to be responsive at any screen resolution.

Yes, we have the ability to increase any of the characteristics of your contracted package. Contact us!

It is the advertising tool that Google makes available to brands to expose ads for their products and services on Google sites, which includes the search engine, YouTube, Gmail, affiliate pages, among others.

They are the advertising spaces that Facebook makes available to brands to display advertisements aimed at users of the social network. It is also linked to Instagram.

The investment depends on the situation of your target market, the competition and your objective. Contact us to advise you on what is best for your business.

A chatbot is a program with artificial intelligence that is installed on your website or messaging apps, with which your visitors can have conversations.

For informational website the development process takes 4 to 6 weeks. A specialized site, depends on the requirements.

It uses what you already have this year and we will respect your web hosting promotion for the following year.

Whatever your marketing or communication objective, on the internet it is achievable and, above all, measurable: increase your presence, generate brand awareness, increase traffic to your site and increase sales.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of search engines.

Go to the search engine and "google" the product or service you offer as if you were a user, it will give you an idea of the positioning of your site, as well as your competition.

Improving SEO is not something that is achieved in a few hours. It requires months of work and continuous maintenance, due to constant updates from Google and its algorithms.

No, it only includes design and design applications in the formats specified in each package.

We deliver editable files (so you can use them as you require), as well as in the most widely used formats: JPEG, PNG, PDF. If you require any special format, just let us know.

We adapt to your needs and work with the platforms that are best for your type of business: Mailchimp, Doppler, Mailrelay, ConstantContact ...

A responsive site means that your page can be seen on all devices regardless of size or brand.

We also do page remodeling, we charge you according to the changes you want to make and the hours it takes us to make those changes. Although we first evaluate the situation and explain it to you, there are certain technologies that are no longer used and if your page is made with that technology it is better to change it completely.



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